29/07 Maintenance Notes

●New SR djinn"Phet"

Available 2021/29/07  ~ 2021/12/08  00:00
The new Djinn "Phet" has a new skill "Burns Whip" that can perform three fire attacks on all enemies and restore his MP.
The LimitBreak technique of "Burns Whip" is the "Conviction of Hellfire" that can perform three attacks of all fire attributes and reduce the fire attribute resistance of all enemies within a period of time.
Phet also has a trait to increase Glyph Droprate!
Trait Available2021/29/07 2021/05/08 00:00

 ※「Phet」 will be added to 「Diamond Summon」,「Paid Diamond Summon」 and will be available even after event ends!
 ※Summon rates are rounded and may not exactly add up to 100%, please consult「Rate Overview」 for specific rates.
 ※Phet is expected to be added into 「Normal Offering」 pool.
 Furthermore, doing 「Diamond Summon」10 times will reward you with 「1 Special Summon Offering」+「1 High Rank Equipment Transmutation Stone」
■3rd World Enemy

Available :2021/29/07  ~ 2021/12/08  00:00

World Enemy is a game mode where player works together to fight against a powerful boss. Players can gain Individual Pt which will unlock rewards, and are ranked based on Max Damage and Accumulated Pt.
World Enemy is different from normal quests and require WE AP to participate. 5 tries are given daily, and each battle will consume 1 WE AP. The current boss is Wind Golem and is weak to “Fire element”.

※Clear events by spending「AP」 to receive 「WE AP」.
※7 「WE AP」 can be gained every day from mission rewards.
※World Enemy has high amount of health, and players will be able to see how much health it has. When successfully killed, participants will gain additional rewards.
WE boss will respawn after kill, and additional rewards can be received for every kill.
※Surrendering during raid will still consume WE AP.

WE AP can be received by clearing missions.
 Chalice of Harmony counts toward mission completion.
 Challenge World Enemy after accumulating enough WE AP.
 ※「World Enemy」 can only be challenged 5 times a day!
■About 「Pt Trait」

Phet will provide you additional individual Pt for the duration of the first WE.
 Using djinn with special traits will allow you to accumulate points at a faster speed.
※「Accumulated Pt」 and 「Max Damage Pt」 will not be effected by traits.
■Special Reward Item
[World Chest]
Type Common Uncommon Rare
World Chest (Gold) Transmutation Stone・world    
World Chest (Silver) High Grade Transmutation Stone Transmutation Stone・world  
World Chest (Bronze) Equipment Stone High Grade Transmutation Stone Transmutation Stone・world

  「World Chest (Gold)」 will always contain Transmutation Stone・world.
The others are based on chance
 ・Transmutation Stone・world can create 3 or 4 star weapons.
  ※Consult in game notice for further details.

 ・「Gold Medal」「Silver Medal」
  Are used to decorate player icons.
  ※Gold and Silver medal received in this event will be permanent.

■「Paid Guarantee SR Summon」 Available

Available :2021/29/07  ~ 2021/12/08  00:00

“Phet” added!
1 of 10 rolls will be guaranteed to be SR Djinn

※Can only be done with paid diamonds
※Limited to 3 times
※「1 Special Summon Offering」+「1 High Rank Equipment Transmutation Stone」 will be given as gift
※Summon rates are rounded and may not exactly add up to 100%, please consult「Rate Overview」 for specific rates.
■Angel’s Descent Rerun
Available :2021/29/07  ~ 2021/05/08  00:00
Time Limited Missions

Available :2021/29/07  ~ 2021/05/08  00:00
Missions added in duration of event.
Tower of Elements Available

 [Tower of Elements Easy]
  Available:2021/29/07 ~ 2021/11/08 23:59
 [Tower of Elements Normal]
  Available:2021/31/07 4:00 ~ 2021/11/08 23:59
 [Tower of Elements Hard]
  Available:2021/02/08 4:00 ~ 2021/11/08 23:59

 「Element Chest」 is obtained from monsters in the tower
 “Fire Skill Book” can be obtained in the tower。
 Defeating the 「Flame golem」 will reward you with a Water Skill Book.
 There are 3 difficulties, Easy, Normal, Hard.

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