15/07 Maintenance Notes

■New SR Djinn「Mardero 」 Pickup!
[Mardero  Pickup]
Available :2021/15/07  ~ 2021/29/07  00:00
The new SR Djinn “Mardero" possess the " Sword Chopper" that can launch 3 rounds of power depending on ATK's fire attribute attack against a single enemy.
And the ultimate critical strike of " Sword Chopper" is to target all the enemies and launch three rounds of ATK’s fire attacks whose power depends on the “Flaming Return Slash”.
「Mardero」also has a trait for glyphs!
Trait Vailable:2021/15/07  ~ 2021/29/07  00:00
※「Mardero」is added to diamond summon.
※Rate are rounded and may not add up to 100%
※Please check Rate Overview for more details.
※Will be added to Summon Offering.
※Can be tested in tiral battle.
※Djinn details assume highest LB and stats.
■「Paid Guarantee SR Summon」 Available!
Available :2021/15/07  ~ 2021/29/07  00:00
Mardero added!
1 of 10 rolls will be guaranteed to be SR Djinn!
※Can only be done with paid diamonds
※Limited to 3 times
※「1 Special Summon Offering」+「1 High Rank Equipment Transmutation Stone」 will be given as gift
※Summon rates are rounded and may not exactly add up to 100%, please consult「Rate Overview」 for specific rates.
・Botis Sub Story Added!
※Botis Phantom Raid also added.
Unlocked after completing Azazel Part 3 Chapter 8.
■Clan Battle
Clan Battle:2021/18/07 04:00  ~ 2021/26/07  03:59
  When Clan Battle begins, mages will be able to access a special area to challenge event boss.
  Only Easy will be released at first, and can be challenged with Orb Coins.
  You will receive Clan Orbs upon completion.
  「Clan Orb」 drop rate will increase as the event continues.
  It will used to challenge Normal, Hard, and Hell mode.
Clan Orb can also be used to trade for other Orbs.
  ※Players can only participate after they are rank 10.
  ※There will be no inter-clan ranking reward this time.
  ※Players will be separated into random clans this clan war.
■Clan Trait
“Mardero” Clan Trait:2021/18/07 04:00 ~ 2021/29/07  00:00
If you have “Mardero” in your team during Clan Raids
 Winning a multiplayer battle will reward you with 1 extra Clan Jewel.
 It will be easier for Clan members to accumulate Clan Jewel using “Mardero”.
 ※As long as 1 “Mardero” is present, all players in the raid will receive the trait rewards.
 ※Traits will not stack.
 ※NPC teams’ traits will not take effect.
 ※Orbs obtained in this Clan Battle cannot be saved for next Clan Battle
 ※Daily Easy Golem Challenges will be boosted by traits.
■About Clan Rewards
・Clan Chest
 Clan Chest will be rewarded at the end of the Clan Battle based on player’s participation.
 There are 3 ranks, Gold, Silver, Bronze.
 Only Gold Chest will guarantee a “6th War:Sorcery Transmutation Stone” well Silver and Bronze chest will have a high chance of receiving the stone.
・Chest Key
  Required to open Clan Chests.
・Third Mage Transmutation Stone
  Can transmute ★3 skill or ★4 Equipment Stones.
  ※Please consult Rate Overview in game to confirm rates.
・「Gold Medal」「Silver Medal」
  Can be used as border for player icon!
■Tower Opens!
Available :2021/15/07  ~ 2021/22/07  00:00
       [Clan Tower Easy]
   Available: 2021/18/07 4:00 ~  2021/26/07 3:59
  [Clan Tower Normal]
   Available:2021/20/07 4:00 ~2021/26/07 3:59
  [Clan Tower Hard]
   Available:2021/22/07 4:00 ~ 2021/26/07 3:59
  Clan Tower contains Clan Orbs and special chests.
  It’s separated into Easy, Normal, and Hard.
  The Clan Golem will appear on the last floor. Defeating it will drop “Dark Skill Book”.
  Clan Golem is weak to “Dark” this guild war.
  “Dark” will be a good addition to this Clan Battle.
 ※Clan Tower Golem will not be added to Clan PT
[Darkness Equipment Pack]
Contains 1 Darkness Tranmutation Stone and 10 Equipment Transmutation Stone. 
Recommended for mages that need equipment.
[SR Unlock Value Pack] 
・Contains Item that unlock skill slots for your djinns.
[SRμ Unlock Value Pack]
・A item to unlock SRμ skill slot
※「SR Skill Unlock Key」 Can unlock SR Chara skill slot
※「SRμ Skill Unlock Key」 Can unlock SRμ skill slot.
※Skill slots will be unlocked in order from top to bottom
※If skill slot is unlocked through intimacy level, the subsequent skill slot will be unlocked instead.
※If key is used to unlock the first skill slot, skill slot 2 will not be unlocked at intimacy level 2
※If key is used to unlock the skill slot2 , skill slot 3 will not be unlocked at intimacy level 10

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