10/06 Maintenance Notice

・Hard Mode Added!

Hard mode chapter quest available!
Change to hard mode in story page and receive Mage Coins and Player EXP.
■Ancient Djinn UP Diamond Summon

Available :2021/10/06 2021/16/06   00:00
Ancient Djinn Pickup!
Ancient djinns have higher Cost then other SR but also have higher attributes than other djinns.
※Receive a High Rank Transmutation Stone and Special Summon Offering after doing a 10-roll
※Please check Rate Overview for more specific rates.
  • Paid Equipment Transmutation

Available :2021/10/06 ~ 2021/16/06   00:00
※Only paid diamonds can be used.
※A maximum of 5 10 rolls can be done.
※A random 1-3 star All Purpose Skill book and a Special Summon Offering will be rewarded every 10 rolls.
※Please consult rate overview in game.
■Angel’s Descent Rerun

Available :2021/10/06 ~  2021/24/06 00:00
「Goetia Celebration」 Limited Mission

2021/10/06 2021/17/06 00:00
 「GoetiaX」 limited mission available!
Can be accessed in Otherworld Gate.
First clear reward is NPC related furniture.
Receive Celebration Coins, can be traded for SRμ Djinn in shop.
Shop Available: 2021/10/06  2021/17/06 00:00
※Some SRμ Djinns available for trade.
※Traded SRμ Djinns are blanks, they do not have any skills.
※「Celebration Coin」 cannot be kept for next time.

Available :2021/10/06  2021/17/06 00:00
Dragon Boat Festival is on Thursday!
Some limited time events are available during the time.
・「 BINGO Mission」 Available!

Available 2021/10/06  2021/17/06 00:00

「Bingo Mission」 will allow players to clear new missions and receive rewards. Players will receive extra rewards upon clearing corresponding missions until a line is made!
There are 3 difficulties, EASY, NORMAL, HARD
※Skipped raids will not be counted.
Tower Opens!

Available :2021/10/06  2021/17/06 00:00

Coming Soon×