03/06 Maintenance Notice

■New SR Djinn「Saphthorael」 Pickup!

[Saphthorael Pickup]
2021/03/06   2021/10/06  00:00

New Djinn Saphthorael is a healer that has a skill Heal Mist and Maiden’s Voice.
Healing Mist can also increase team’s water attack by 30%. Maiden’s Voice can ignore some debuffs and it’s LB Delusional World can increase debuff resistance for 45 seconds too!
Maiden’s Voice and Delusional World effects:
・Attack Down
・Defense Down
・Resistance Down
・Speed Down
・CT Decrease
・CT Increase
※Buffs will not be resisted.
※Crit and spirit down will not be resisted.

Saphthorael also has a trait for glyphs!
Trait Vailable2021/03/06   2021/10/06  00:00
※「Saphthorael」 is added to diamond summon.
※Rate are rounded and may not add up to 100%
※Please check Rate Overview for more details.
※Will be added to Summon Offering.
※Can be tested in tiral battle.
※Djinn details assume highest LB and stats.
■「Paid Guarantee SR Summon」 Available!

Available 2021/03/06   2021/10/06  00:00

Saphthorael added!
1 of 10 rolls will be guaranteed to be SR Djinn!

※Can only be done with paid diamonds
※Limited to 3 times
※「1 Special Summon Offering」+「1 High Rank Equipment Transmutation Stone」 will be given as gift
※Summon rates are rounded and may not exactly add up to 100%, please consult「Rate Overview」 for specific rates.
●Clan Battle Limited Story 「Princess Who Prays in the Ocean

Story Available2021/03/06   2021/07/06  03:59:59 AM
Gather Summon Diary to open special event story!
Summer Diary is available in individual Clan Battle rewards.
※「Princess Who Prays in the Ocean」 is accessed an icon on the upper left corner of the homepage.
※Available before the end of Clan Battle (2021/6/7  03:59:59 AM).
※「Refreshing Summer Barbatos」 owned by player will not be effected.
※「Princess Who Prays in the Ocean」 will not have any battles.
●Tower of Illustrations Appear

Available 2021/03/06   2021/10/06  00:00
Samael and Azazel added to tower.
Receive special furniture for clearing tower.

Coming Soon×