06/05 Maintenance Notice

■Side Story Added!

Side story is added with new characters appearing.
As side story continues, more characters will take the stage.
Materials for crafting glyphs will also appear in side stories.
※Unlocked after completing Main Story Satanael Episode Part 3
※Side Story free quests have challenge limits.
■「Glyph」 Added!

「Glyphs」 are equipped to djinns to increase their attributes.
All djinns can equip up to 2 glyphs.
As djinn level increases, more slots may be opened.
※More information found: https://goex.funmily.com/notice/?id=42274#.YJO2H9UzaUk
■Side Story Celebratory Event
Available:2021/06/05  ~ 2021/19/05 23:59
Login reward to celebrate Side Stories!
■Daily Free Summon

Available:2021/06/05  ~ 2021/12/05 23:59
Free daily summon!
■Dark Otherworld Summon!

[Behemoth Available]
Available:2021/06/05  ~ 2021/19/05 23:59

Behemoth, a local of the Dark World arrives!
Behemoth is proficient with fists and has an unique LB Thundergod's Chaos that does 3-hits of wind element damage based on her ATK.
As a SSR Character, Behemoth has 4 skill slots available.
・Special Summon Offering is needed to summon for Behemoth. 5 summons are necessary at minimum.
・Special Summon Offering is received after doing 10-summon with diamonds.

 ※「Behemoth」 is a middle guard.
 ※Summon rates are rounded and may not exactly add up to 100%, please consult「Rate Overview」 for specific rates.
  ※「Dark World Summon」 may have character changes.
 ※「Behemoth」 unique equipment will be released at the same time.

■New SRμ Djinn「Competing Gambler Vassago」 Available!

[SRμ Summon
Available:2021/06/05  ~ 2021/12/05 23:59

「Competing Gambler Vassago」’s Mirage Blade does 4-hits of physical damage
「Mirage Blade」 LB Battle Rabbit Sword Dance will do 5-hits of physical and dark damage and increase team speed by 25%

Also, she has a trait that increases glyph fragments drop.
Trait Available2021/06/05  ~ 2021/12/05 23:59

※SRμ have lower stats than SR but also costs less allowing to more efficiently build teams.
※Displayed rates are rounded and may not always add up to 100%
※When performing a 10-roll SRμ Pickup Banner, you will receive 10 μ coins and one Special Summon Offering.
※μ coins can be used in Djinn Enhancement Support Shop. Djinn Enhancement Support Shop is sometimes updated in events.
※Currently μ coins do not have a deadline for use.

■SRμ Rerun!

 Available(Part 1):2021/06/05  ~ 2021/12/05 23:59
 Available(Part 2):2021/13/05 ~ 2021/19/05 23:59

SRμ obtained during event duration will have 2x intimacy.
※Displayed rates are rounded and may not always add up to 100%
※When performing a 10-roll SRμ Pickup Banner, you will receive 10 μ coins and one Special Summon Offering.
■Intimacy UP! Faction Pickup!

During event duration, you will be able to receive 2 times the intimacy shards!

[Samael Faction][Beelzebub Faction]
2021/06/05  ~ 2021/09/05 23:59

[Azazel Faction][Satanael Faction]
2021/10/05 00:00~2021/12/05 23:59

 Will receive rewards for doing 10 times summon too!
 ※Faction summons can be done a total of 5 times.
 ※Samael Faction summon will only have Samael Faction Djinn.
 ※Beelzebub Faction summon will only have Beelzebub Faction Djinn.
 ※Azazel Faction summon will only have Azazel Faction Djinn.
 ※Satanael Faction summon will only have Satanael Faction Djinn.
 ※SRμ  Djinns are not included.
 ※Displayed rates are rounded and may not always add up to 100%
 ※Since the amount of SR Djinn is less, the individual rates of each djinn will differ from normal.
 ※Only SR djinn will receive the 2x bonus for intimacy shards, N and R are not included.
●Tower of Paintings

Available:2021/06/05  ~ 2021/12/05 23:59
Special furniture awarded for completing the tower.
・Tower of Orbs

Available2021/06/05   2021/12/05 23:59
Orb chests will appear on the 5th and 10th floor.

※「True・Orb Coin」 can be traded in shop for orbs.

・Contains a 7PU Transmutation stone that gives you a random skill out of 7 selected skills[Skill 7PU].

・Includes Special Summon offerings! Recommended for Mages who want SSR Djinns!

・Goddess War Value Pack
・1-in-7 Selector Pack・Purple
・Limit Break Value Pack

Coming Soon×