Glyph Introduction

This notice is an introduction on Glyph System


「Glyphs」 is an alternate equipment for djinns to increase their attributes
All djinns can equip up to 2 glyphs.
※Mana will be spent to remove glyphs from djins.
The price for removing glyphs will be determined by rarity and level.

■Acquiring Glyphs

Glyphs can be crafted after receiving enough fragments.
The amount of fragments necessary will be determined by glyph rarity.
Glyph fragments is received in Side Story, new areas will be released in the future to gather more fragments.
Each region will have a specific fragment drop.
Glyph Type Effect
HP Glyph  Increases djinn HP。
MP Glyph  Increases djinn MP。
ATK Glyph  Increases djinn ATK。
M-ATK Glyph  Increases djinn M-ATK。
AGI Glyph  Increases djinn AGI。

■Crafting Glyphs

Glyphs can be crafted after gathering enough fragments.
Specific fragments can craft specific glyphs.
Purity  effects glyph initial stats and stat growth.
Glyph can be sold for mana.

「 Glyph」 Are separated into ★1~★5  rarity, with higher rarity having more stats.
Rarity Needed Fragments
★5 ★5 Glyph fragments 200
★4 ★4 Glyph fragments 120
★3 ★3 Glyph fragments 60
★2 ★2 Glyph fragments 30
★1 ★1 Glyph fragments 20

Missions to acquire Glyph fragments
The missions mentioned below will drop glyph fragments.
Lv. Rarity
1 Floor ★1 Glyph fragments
2〜3 Floor ★1〜3 Glyph fragments
4〜5 Floor ★1〜4 Glyph fragments
6 Floor ★2〜4 Glyph fragments
7〜8 Floor ★3〜5 Glyph fragments

■Glyph Enhancement

Glyphs are enhanced with mana and souls, their stat growth is based on purity.
Glyph purity is separated into 6 kinds, from least to most being

Souls can be received in Dark World.
※Enhancement material and mana needed will differ.
Glyph enhancement may not always succeed.
Enhancement reward
 Every several levels, you will receive an enhancement reward.
「Enhancement Reward」 are separated into 「C」<「B」<「A」<「S」 and will reward you
with additional attributes.
※Reroll items will be released in a future update

■ Glyph System
1. Complete Side Story.

2. Gather Glyph Fragments from various quests.

3. Craft Glyph with Glyph Fragments.

4. Enhance Glyphs with souls and mana.

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