25/03 Maintenance Notice

■Appreciation Festival 2nd Half!

Available Time: 2021/25/03 after maintenance ~2021/01/04 00:00

・Event monsters will appear.
 Defeating event monster will accumulate currency to trade for event specific enhance materials and ingots.
 ※Event equipment  (Appreciation Fest Amulet)  can be enhanced to Lv8 and has an event specific trait at Lv9, Lv10.
・Equipping Valentine Amulet will increase coin droprate.
 ※Only 1 member of party needs to have a Valentine Amulet.
 ※Dimension Gate Orb (Fes) is necessary to host raid, mages who wish to join will require orb coins.
 ※Traits will not be cumulative even if more than 1 djinn as Valentine Amulet.
 ※NPC will not trigger trait
 ※「Valentine Amulet」 needs to be Lv.9 or more for trait to be active.

・Event also has daily quests.
 ※Daily quests are not included in missions for the event area.
 ※Daily quests are updated at 04:00 AM every day.
・You can also receive Directory rewards from event monsters by visiting the directory during the event.
※Rewards can only be received during the duration of the event, it cannot be received after the conclusion of the event.
・You can begin the mission after entering the Mysterious Gate on the World Map. 
■Faction Summon!

During event time, you will be able to receive 2 times the intimacy shards!
[Samael Faction]
[Beelzebub Faction]
Available Time: 2021/25/3 after maintenance 2021/28/3 11:59 PST

[Azazel Faction]
[Satanael Faction]
Available Time: 2021/28/3 00:00 2021/31/3 11:59 PST

Will receive rewards for doing 10 times summon too!
 ※Faction summons can be done a total of 3 times.
 ※Samael Faction summon will only have Samael Faction Djinn.
 ※Beelzebub Faction summon will only have Beelzebub Faction Djinn.
 ※Azazel Faction summon will only have Azazel Faction Djinn.
 ※Satanael Faction summon will only have Satanael Faction Djinn.
 ※SRμ  Djinns are not included.
 ※Displayed rates are rounded and may not always add up to 100%
 ※Since the amount of SR Djinn is less, the individual rates of each djinn will differ from normal.
 ※Only SR djinn will receive the 2x bonus for intimacy shards, N and R are not included.
 ※10 “100 Day Anniversary Coins” will also be rewarded as an event reward in addition to any other rewards.
■Goddess Rerun

Available Time: 2021/25/03 after maintenance ~2021/01/04 00:00
「Paid Diamond Transmutation」

Available Time: 2021/25/03 after maintenance ~2021/01/04 00:00

※Only paid diamonds can be used.
※A maximum of 5 10 rolls can be done.
※A random 1-3 star All Purpose Skill book and a Special Summon Offering will be rewarded every 10 rolls.
※Please consult rate overview in game.
・Tower of Orbs

Available Time: 2021/25/03 after maintenance ~2021/01/04 00:00
5th floor and 10th floor will contain True・Orb Coin.

※「True・Orb Coin」 can be traded for various orbs.

■New Packs
1-in-7 Selector Pack・Purple
Flower Value Pack

※A new event will be hosted after next update for 1 day only. 

Coming Soon×