20/03 Maintenance Notice

■Guardian Battle

Available Time: 2021/20/03 after maintenance ~2021/01/04  03:59
Guardian Battle is a competition between mages for rewards and Mage Points, please refer to
Guardian Battle introduction:  https://goex.funmily.com/notice/?id=42230

※Mages must be Rank 30 or above to join 「Guardian Battle」.
※First Guardian Battle Period:2021/20/03 after maintenance ~ 2021/01/04 3:59:59
※After the current duration, all battle periods will be the 1st of every month at 4:00~ 1st of the following month 3:59:59.(Example: next period 4/1 4:00 ~ 5/1 3:59:59)

■Appreciation Festival Event!

Available Time: 2021/20/03 after maintenance ~2021/01/04 00:00  
※Event shop will close at the same time

・Event monsters will appear.
 Defeating event monster will accumulate currency to trade for event specific enhance materials and ingots.
 ※Event equipment  (Appreciation Fest Amulet)  can be enhanced to Lv8 and has an event specific trait at Lv9, Lv10.
・Equipping Valentine Amulet will increase coin droprate.
 ※Only 1 member of party needs to have a Valentine Amulet.
 ※Dimension Gate Orb (Fes) is necessary to host raid, mages who wish to join will require orb coins.
 ※Traits will not be cumulative even if more than 1 djinn as Valentine Amulet.
 ※NPC will not trigger trait
 ※「Valentine Amulet」 needs to be Lv.9 or more for trait to be active.

・Event also has daily quests.
 ※Daily quests are not included in missions for the event area.
 ※Daily quests are updated at 04:00 AM every day.
・You can also receive Directory rewards from event monsters by visiting the directory during the event.
※Rewards can only be received during the duration of the event, it cannot be received after the conclusion of the event.
・You can begin the mission after entering the Mysterious Gate on the World Map. 
■SRμDjinn「Floating Viridescent Orias」Arriving!

Available Time: 2021/20/03 after maintenance ~2021/01/04 00:00

 「Floating Viridescent Orias」 has single target dark damage ability with an LB.

※「Floating Viridescent Orias」 cannot be obtained in shop.
※SRμ have lower stats than SR but also costs less allowing to more efficiently build teams.
※Amy is not included in event special effects.
※Displayed rates are rounded and may not always add up to 100%
※When performing a 10-roll SRμ Pickup Banner, you will receive 10 μ coins and one Special Summon Offering.
※μ coins can be used in Djinn Enhancement Support Shop. Djinn Enhancement Support Shop is sometimes updated in events.
※Currently μ coins do not have a deadline for use.
■Daily Diamond Summon

Available Time: 2021/20/03 after maintenance ~2021/01/04 00:00 
■Goddess Summon Rerun

Available Time:  2021/20/03 after maintenance ~2021/01/04 00:00 
■Djinn Tower

Chance to drop chests containing djinn coins
The tower will appear in the following order
 Fire Phys Advantage
  Available Time:  2021/20/03~2021/24/03 23:59
 Wind Light Advantage
  Available Time: 2021/22/03 0:00~2021/26/03 23:59
 Water Dark Advantage
  Available Time: 2021/24/03 0:00~2021/28/03 23:59
※3 minutes to unlock chest

■Balam Sub Story!

 ※Balam Phantom will be released as well.
  Clear Beelzebub Episode Part 3 Chapter 8 to unlock this quest.
Appreciation Festival Reward

Available Time:  2021/20/03 after maintenance ~2021/01/04 00:00
Toaster will be unlocked on login.
Login on the 6th day will be awared with a SRμ djinn coin
 ※「SRμ Djinn Coin」 can be used in shop.
Toaster can be placed in room to produce AP!
 ※Toasters can break.
SR Djinn Summon Offering will be rewarded on the 10th day.
■Value Pack
High Quality Equipment Pack
Appreciation Event 7 Skill PU Pack
・Player rank 50 is available
・SR djinn Ierophael pickup extended till 2021/03/25 00:00
・Weapon Specialty Summon extended till 2021/03/25 00:00

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