Guardian Battle Information

■Guardian Battle

 Guardian Battle is a contest between mages using a system known as guardian. Each mage assigns djinns to their guardian and attack other mage’s guardians for Mage Points.
    Attacking and defending will result in increasing or decreasing Mage Point.
Mages will be ranked between A~F based on the amount of points they have, with each win in attack, and each successful defense cumulating Mage Points. Upon every increased rank mages will be rewarded with Initial Clear Reward.

※Level can only rise, not fall.
※「Initial Clear Reward」 will be received in Box.
※Mages must be Rank 30 or above to join 「Guardian Battle」.
※First Guardian Battle Period:2021/20/03 after maintenance ~ 2021/01/04 3:59:59
※After the current duration, all battle periods will be the 1st of every month at 4:00~ 1st of the following month 3:59:59.(Example: next period 4/1 4:00 ~ 5/1 3:59:59)

■「Guardian Battle」Point
[Attack Point]
[Attack Point]  
Victory 7pt+ surviving djinn Point
Defeat -1pt

[Defense Point]
[Defense Point]  
Success 3pt
Defeat 0pt

[Djinn Bonus Point]
Surviving Djinn Point
24~22 8pt
21~19 7pt
18~16 6pt
15~13 5pt
12~10 4pt
9~7 3pt
6~4 2pt
3~1 1pt


Ranking reward! Upon achieving 200 wins in Guardian battle, you will receive Guardian Battle Offering.
※「Guardian Battle Offering」 can be used to receive Samael, Beelzebub, Azazel, or Satanael.

■Guardian Battle Support
Guardian Coin can be received from daily missions or Guardian Support.
※「Guardian Support」 reset monthly.
※ Items in 「Guardian Support」 can only be bought once.
※「Guardian Support」 may be updated at times.

■Guardian Select

Mages can select Guardian Operators to determine the strength of their guardian.
There are Attack Operator, MAtt Operator, Defense Operator, MDef Operator that determines the base attribute of the Guardian. Guardian resists will also be determined by 6 other djinns.
Guardian HP is the combined HP of all djinn operators.
There are different stances, Attack, Defense, Stamina. Each will focus on different roles.
※The same djinn cannot be selected for different roles.
※Guardian skills will be used at random.
※「Defense」 results can be seen in Defense Records. 


Mages can attack 3 times a day against randomized targets.
There will be 2 rounds per attack, and if any party defeats the enemy Guardian, you will be rewarded with a successful attack of 7Pt.
If mages fail to defeat the Guardian in 2 attacks, it will be counted as a defeat and lose 1 Pt.
※Opponent matchmaking are determined by rank from A~C.

  2 parties can be made when attacking.
But djinns cannot be selected for more than 1 party, regardless of main party or support party.
So raise more djinns to increase your strength in Guardian Battle!

※Attack can be started after setting up your Guardian.
※Guardian HP will not reset between rounds of attack
※If app is closed during the 1st round, it will immediately start the 2nd round upon return.
※If app closes in 2nd round, the attack will be count as a loss.
※If a djinn was selected from “saved party” for both Party 1 and Party 2, the character will be removed from her role in Party 1.

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