17/12 Maintenance Notes

Goddess Summon Available !

   Available Time: 2020/17/12 after maintenance 2022/30/12 11:59 PST
・Satanael is rarity SSR, with 4 skill slots already unlocked.
・Satanael can be obtained through Goddess Summon.
・A Special Summoning Offering is needed to summon the goddess.
・Special Summoning Offering can be obtained when doing a 10-fold roll, or purchased in the shop.
・Goddess Summoning can only be done 5 rolls at a time consuming 5 Special Summoning Offering.
 ※Displayed rates are rounded and may not always add up to 100%
 ※For more details, please consult Rate.
 ※SSR available in Goddess Summon will not always be the same.
 ※Satanael’s equipment will be released at the same time.
 ※Events will be held for items to increase SSR intimacy levels.
New SRμDjinn「Moon Rabbit Amy」Summon Available!

 Available Time: 2020/17/12 after maintenance 2022/30/12 11:59 PST

Moon Rabbit Amy uses faeries as her weapons. With the skill Circle Refresh she allows your team to last longer in battle. With the Limit Burst Skill Song of Mercy, she can regenerate the parties MP! Also, having Moon Rabbit Amy in your team during the designated event will increase the drops for Night Moon Coins!

※SRμ have lower stats than SR but also costs less allowing to more efficiently build teams.
※Amy is not included in event special effects.
※Displayed rates are rounded and may not always add up to 100%
※When performing a 10-roll SRμ Pickup Banner, you will receive 10 μ coins and one High Rank Equipment Transmutation Stone.
※μ coins can be used in Djinn Enhancement Support Shop. Djinn Enhancement Support Shop is sometimes updated in events.
※Currently μ coins do not have a deadline for use.

Time Limited Event: The Reflection of the Moon Rabbit!

Available Time: 2020/17/12 after maintenance 2022/30/12 11:59 PST
 ・During this event, Halloween Ghost will appear in some free quests.
 ・You can accumulate event items by defeating the Halloween Ghost, and using the event items to procure event specific gear and enhancement materials. You can also trade for items in the event shop!
 ・You can also receive Directory rewards from event monsters by visiting the directory during the event.
※Rewards can only be received during the duration of the event, it cannot be received after the conclusion of the event.
 ・You can begin the mission after entering the Mysterious Gate on the World Map. 
※Having Moon Rabbit Amy in team when completing event missions will activate the event special reward effect.
※Only one Moon Rabbit Amy will take effect, multiple Moon Rabbit Amy will not multiply the effects.
※Event NPC Moon Rabbit Amy will not activate any event special reward effects/
※Event shop will not be refreshed at XXX.
※Djinns traded for in the shop will not have any skills available.
※Event maps do not count towards daily mission completion.
※Daily missions will be updated the next day at X.
■Mana Tower Available!

l   Available Time: 2020/14/12 2022/23/12 23:59 PST
Gather Mana Now!

Weapon Specialty Summon

l   Available Time: 2020/1712 2022/23/12 23:59 PST
 Limited time banner that allows you to choose what kind of djinns you want.
 ※Vanguard SR Pickup only contains Vanguard SR.
 ※Rearguard SR Pickup only contains Rearguard SR.
 ※Physical Attack SR Pickup only contain djinns that use: Scythe, Hammer, Fist, Bow, Greatsword, Dualsword.
 ※Magic Attack SR Pickup only contains djinns that use: Grimoire and Orbs.
 ※All current N/R djinns are included in the summon pool.
 ※SRμ Djinns are not included.
 ※Please consult「Rate Overview」 in-game.
 ※After doing a 10-roll summon, you will receive a High Rank Equipment Transmutation Stone and a Special Summon Offering.

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